DiagnosticsAt Autoworks, we offer diagnostic services to quickly and efficiently identify the cause of any problems your vehicle may experience. As a AAA-approved repair shop we take our job very seriously. Anytime you need vehicle diagnostics in Kittery, ME, Autoworks is the auto repair shop that will deliver.

Vehicle Diagnostics Kittery ME

How do you know if your vehicle needs a diagnostic test? Warning indicator lights on your dashboard are an obvious sign that your vehicle needs attention, but there are other instances that may indicate the need for a diagnostic test. You might notice that your vehicle is no longer performing like it used to. There may be a delayed response when you press the accelerator, or it may struggle to climb steep hills.

Today’s vehicles run smoothly with the aid of an array of computer processors, wires, sensors, microchips, and more. By attaching a special reader to your vehicle, we can quickly establish a list of fault codes that describe exactly what is happening under your hood, then we can take the next steps to get you riding problem-free again.

Check Engine Light Kittery ME

When your check engine light is on, it is important that you address the issue in a timely manner in order to prevent the issue from becoming worse. But that doesn’t mean that you should just roll into the nearest auto parts store for a check engine light scan.

While check engine light scans do offer a list of codes, they are simply a map for your mechanic so they know where the problem is, they don’t actually tell you what the problem is. For that, you need an expert like Autoworks who can take that map and dig deeper to find the actual issue.

Why Choose Autoworks?

Autoworks was named the best in the state by AAA. That says a lot. Our team of technicians puts care into everything we do and it shows in the quality of work that we provide to every customer who pulls their vehicle into our lot. From the sportiest BMW to the most commanding Mercedes Sprinter van, if your check engine light is on or your vehicle is acting up and you want the most accurate vehicle diagnostics Kittery, ME, has to offer, contact Autoworks today to schedule an appointment. We serve customers in the Kittery Point, Eliot, York, York Harbor, York Beach, Cape Neddick, New Castle, NH, Portsmouth NH, and Rye, NH areas.

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